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Album: Ozzmosis

Ozzmosis is an album by British heavy metal musician Ozzy Osbourne. It was originally released on October 23, 1995, through Epic Records. After Osbourne's supposed retirement for four years, he regrouped with guitarist Zakk Wylde, bassist Mike Inez, drummer Randy Castillo, and producer Michael Wagener to record a comeback album. The record company told Wagener that they want "exactly the same record as No More Tears." After 7 songs were recorded from start to finish, the record company executives, after listening to the tracks (which included future b-sides "Aimee," "Living With The Enemy," and the Prince of Darkness box set version of "See You On The Other Side"), said "now we want it to sound like Soundgarden." The project was then scrapped and later handed off to Soundgarden producer Michael Beinhorn to finish. Sometime after the sessions with Michael Wagener, Mike Inez and Randy Castillo were replaced with Geezer Butler (who had recently left Black Sabbath after a major falling out with Tony Iommi) and Deen Castronovo. One song from the album, "My Little Man," was co-written with guitarist Steve Vai for a project Osbourne planned to do with Vai, Bob Daisley, and Castronovo titled "X-Ray." Another song from this collaboration, "Dyin' Day", can be found in instrumental form on Vai's 1996 album, Fire Garden. Track listing "Perry Mason" (Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, John Purdell) – 5:53 "I Just Want You" (Osbourne, Jim Vallance) – 4:56 "Ghost Behind My Eyes" (Osbourne, Mark Hudson, Steve Dudas) – 5:11 "Thunder Underground" (Osbourne, Wylde, Geezer Butler) – 6:29 "See You on the Other Side" (Osbourne, Wylde, Lemmy) – 6:10 "Tomorrow" (Osbourne, Wylde, Purdell, Duane Baron) – 6:36 "Denial" (Osbourne, Hudson, Dudas) – 5:12 "My Little Man" (Osbourne, Steve Vai) – 4:52 "My Jekyll Doesn't Hide" (Osbourne, Wylde, Butler) – 6:34 "Old L.A. Tonight" (Osbourne, Wylde, Purdell) – 4:48 2002 Remaster Bonus Tracks "Whole World's Fallin' Down" (Osbourne, Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades) – 5:05 "Aimee" (Osbourne, Wylde) – 4:46 Personnel Ozzy Osbourne - vocals Zakk Wylde - guitar Geezer Butler - bass Deen Castronovo - drums Rick Wakeman - keyboards Michael Beinhorn - keyboards User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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